About the Artist - Angela Cox


I went to Norwich School of Art graduating with a BA (Hons) degree in Illustration.  Following several years working as an illustrator for publishers and advertising agencies I became a concept artist and model maker on children's animation programmes. including painting large scale backgrounds for film and television

I now paint full time, mainly in acrylics on canvas.  My work whether landscapes or seascapes are vibrant in energy, colour and in the emotional play of light. 


I'm currently working on a series of seascapes based on the Jurassic coastline of Dorset, which combine the prehistoric rock formations with the dramatic power of the sea.

Through layers of texture and glazing I'm seeking to create layers of the main rocks of sandstone, clay, Portland limestone and chalk stone within the composition. Paintings that acquire a life of their own.

The canvases whether cotton or linen are always of high quality and when I produce paintings on box canvas I like to continue the painting on to the sides.   I also love to frame my own work whenever I can, as this is an extension of the creative process before I hand the work over.

 My influences come from Post-Impressionist   emotionally based artists such as Van Gogh and the   Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. I'm also inspired by   other members of my family who are also artists.


I now live in Warwickshire with my film maker husband  and our two children. With regular visits back to the  coast, I produce sketches and colour studies and  return back to my studio to produce the finished paintings.